Sunday, June 2, 2013


When the heavy rain has passed on,
let the umbrella sealed its way for another view.
Delighting the morning scene are
dazing dots flowing softly around.
Droplets caressing your cheek and nose,
cheering your good spirit to come to arose.
Take a peek from the fringed palisades,
and cease the beauty for your eyes to feast.
Cherish the warmth and adoration,
and say Sayonara to all the aggravation.

Poruka Blouse 235k
All Size 

Firinju Cropped Top 325k
All Size 

Shoru Shawl 195k

Hannata Outer 335k
All Size 

Hanna Blouse 296k
All Size 

Kasa Cape 330k
All Size 

Shisu Top 344k All Size &
Ana Skirt 310k All Size 

Poruka Legging 226k
All Size 

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zaakunika DOTTARESU, Summer 2013
Photographer : Ichwan Peryana 
Talent : Natasha Argubi
MUA : Indah Mei
Styling : Shira & Kirana