Sunday, May 20, 2012


 Welcome to Patroon, an era where nouveau-tribal patterns played peacefully alongside with pleasant cuttings.  
Patroon is prosperous, agriculturally by the Multicolored Aztec Pattern, which describes abundant green fields;
structured orderly forming a Multicolored Checkered Pattern.
Across the ocean, the Knitted Lace brought in the fishermen’s nets that are filled with savory catches of the day.
Not too far from the coast, a forest full with lavish jade trees gives shade to those in need,
whilst the wild flowers from the Savannah Pattern, came to adorn the view;
especially when the sun bids good morning and good night to Patroon.

Helaku Dress
IDR 310.960

Zapoti Jacket 
IDR 384.500

Milpa Cape
IDR 315.000

Zapoti Cropped Top
IDR 271.700

Wavu Blouse
IDR 365.500

Sakata Dress
IDR 328.800

Askari Blouse
IDR 315.000

Oheena Legging
IDR 189.900

Sakata Blouse
IDR 369.900

Milpa Blouse
IDR 289.000

Paco Shirt
(Navy Blue)
IDR 340.000

Paco Shirt (Black)
IDR 340.000

Lalo Tee
IDR 160.000

Nashobi Tee
IDR 160.000

Haka Tee
IDR 165.000

Milpa Hoodie
IDR 240.000

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Welcoming PATROON Collection!

Long time no see!

After we've gone for a while, now we are back to confirm that there will be a new collection coming out very soon this month! We are currently preparing for something even bigger and fun! We are going to be more playful with lots of pattern, lots of twisted details and fun cutting as usual. There will be also lots for men collection because we are also expanding our creativity through Zaakunika Men Collection

So get ready for PATROON by zaakunika!
I'll see you soon.