Look Book - POTAMOI

Zaakunika’s latest collection is inspired by the physics of water; form of waves, ripples and droplets assembled the details accenting each style. Neutral, sea foam, sea green, prussian blue, navy blue, light denim and light steel shades are chosen as the complexion of Potamoi. Blouses, Jacket, Sleeveless Top, Long-sleeved Dress, Rippled Jumpsuit, Wavy Stacked Shorts and Knee-patched Legging rose up for the collection. Zaakunika also experimented 2 styles of Long Sleeved Hoodie & Jersey for Potamoi’s mens collection. Covering the clothes, jersey, chiffon, cotton in canvas and rubia, suede, terry and cotton denim are opted for Potamoi’s line of material. 

Rippled Blouse 359k

Droplet Dress 249k

Shoodie Hood 255k

 Furrow Blouse 290k and Droplet Legging 230k

Brook Top 280k

 Island Blouse 369k

 Droplet Jersey 225k

Rippled Jumpsuit 320k and Nami Jacket 365k

Float Blouse 315k and Nami Shorts 375k

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Photographer: Maria Juliana
Models: Rosa Serena Hutahuruk and Bima Tara Ridwan
Stylists: Kirana Lubis and Tabita Shira