Sunday, February 5, 2012

Zaakunika Vote Stars and Rabbit!

We are so proud to get the chance to endorse Stars and Rabbit!

They had entered Hard Rock Rising The Global Battle Of the Bands 2012. If they won, they'll set forward to London this July represent Indonesia to play at Hyde Park. So let us support and vote for them! Click here, then ‘Like’ the page and be sure to 'download' their song, for FREE

Don't forget to share this info and ask your friends to do the same, because we're sure this band is gonna get big!

Post on your Facebook wall and ask your friends to share the post: Vote Stars and Rabbit for a chance to represent Indonesia to perform in London. Go here then 'Like' the page & download the song. Tweet dan ask your followers to ReTweet: Vote @starsandrabbit for a chance to play in London. Go here then Like the page & download the song. Please RT. 

If you like to know the song that they will play on Hard Rock Rising, click here. You'll be mesmerized! AND they were wearing our SHOODIE HOOD and RIPPLED BLOUSE

The time is almost over, so before it's too late let's VOTE for STARS and RABBIT! :D

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